The Suicide File - Cold Snap Lyrics

The Suicide File Lyrics

Cold Snap Lyrics
I finally saw you
For the first time
In two f*cking years
And i told you i was fine.
You told me you had made it through the roughest patch
And you tried to make some jokes
And you asked about my life
And you shook and drank a beer
And I held back the f*cking tears.
I felt no love, just pity for what you had become.

What a tragic life we've built.
What a tragic life we've built.

“Bad things happen you said when I walked you to the porch,
and faced you through the frigid Boston night.
You hugged me as I stood and told me I was a good boy.
Bad things happen I whispered back and I said I was doing fine.
I said i was doing fine”

I said i was doing fine
I said i was doing fine

And i walked away
And it was so cold
That the tears froze on my face.

I'm not fine.

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