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Live With Lonesome Lyrics
Hear the train in the distance
Such a lonely sound it makes
When its gone there is silence
you can hear the sound of my heart break

See these arms, now they're empty
Because they used to hold onto you
I said I'd never let go
But somehow you slipped on through

Now I know that's how love goes,
When love goes away

I'm gonna cry some,
Then I'm gonna lay here and die some
All because I know there ain't noone else
baby, if I can't live with you,
guess I'll have to,
Live with lonesome.

There's a prayer that I'm praying
there's a dream that I always will dream
and the hope keeps me waiting
for the day when you come back to me

It's a curse and a blessing
to find love above all the rest
now I'd rather have nothing
than to settle for less

(chorus x 2)

Live with lonesome.
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