Stonewall Jackson - You Can Check On Me Lyrics

Stonewall Jackson Lyrics

You Can Check On Me Lyrics
My show signs on the air at six and I get off at night

But I sit there each evening with more than records on my mind

You know that there's three hours when you're sure that you're free

You only need your radio and you can check on me

You can check on me fourteen thirty on your dial

No matter where you park with him I'm there to make you smile

You smile because you realize these records I might be

You can check on me and know how long it's safe to cheat

[ steel ]

I called your name and played our song so often on the air

I play each request for you and someone else to hear

Out there somewhere you'll hear these words and know I've seen the light

I'll be at home when you come in I take the show tonight

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