Stonewall Jackson - Wine Flowed Freely Lyrics

Stonewall Jackson Lyrics

Wine Flowed Freely Lyrics
All the days of my youth I remember so well I lived in a world on my own

Nobody cared where my money came from when I had it I wasn't alone

Oh the wine flowed freely and friendship was mine how they all loved me back then

But here in this prison I sit all alone and now where are all of my friends

[ guitar ]

So drink and be marry if this is your wish of wastin' your life out in sin

But remember someday you may be as I am with nothing not even a friend

Oh the wine flowed freely...

[ piano ]

So here's to the freedom I never shall have I know it's not long till the end

But I'd rather be dead than to spend ninety years

With the cold prison walls for a friend

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