Stonewall Jackson - Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus Lyrics

Stonewall Jackson Lyrics

Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus Lyrics
Here the labor is so hard and the workers they are tired

And our weary hearts're yearning for a rest

And I find we're getting anxious to be in that happy home

Where we'll reseive such peace and happiness

But wait a little longer please Jesus there are so many wandering out in sin

Just a little longer please Jesus a few more days to get our loved ones in

Family scattered here and there and thought Lord we love them dear

Maybe we can help them find a way

But if waiting is the cost dear ol' Lord then I'll be lost

And that's the only reason why we say

We may look into the skies and the tears will fill our eyes

For our burdened heart grows heavier with each day

First we cry oh Lord please come come and take your children home

But then we look around us and say

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