Stonewall Jackson - Step Aside Lyrics

Stonewall Jackson Lyrics

Step Aside Lyrics
Angray words were spoken and I left my baby in a cloud of gloom

Got into my car and drove around until I spurted this saloon

Came inside and bought a drink then I saw you and felt a burning glow

Got the urge to hold you tight but if I try refuse me tell me know

Step aside if I try to get near you lock your heart if I start making time

Walk away if I say that I need you step aside if I step out of line

[ steel ]

Bitter is my feeling for my baby and the things she said so cruel

Half of me says cheat on her but part of me says stop don't be a fool

Don't let me get close to you cause if I do I won't be very strong

Save me from my conscience and keep me from being sorry later on

Step aside if I try...

Step aside if I step out of line

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