Stonewall Jackson - Something Got A Hold On Me Lyrics

Stonewall Jackson Lyrics

Something Got A Hold On Me Lyrics
At first when I heard of some people who say that old time religion is real

I said I'll go down take a look at the crowd for it's just a weak mind that I feel

I walked up the steps and peeked then at the door the devil said don't you go in

I said it won't hurt me I just stepped inside and said as for back as I can

They sang like they meant it with all of their hearts I said it's emotion that's all

When they get down to pray I'll just get up and leave

I don't won't to be seen here at all

The preacher got up and he started to preach as he looked right straight down at me

He told everybody just how mean I was didn't talk like he thought so much of me

But something got a hold on me yes something got a hold on me

I went there to fight but oh my that night God certainly got a hold on me

I sat in my seat just a thinkin' it o'er and they all started to pray

The fire fell from heaven I knelt to the door I've prayed there as God had his way

At last now I know that I don't need to doubt I got an experience that night

I'll never forget it as long as I live I've found that salvation is right

Yes something got a hold on me...

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