Stonewall Jackson - Second Choice Lyrics

Stonewall Jackson Lyrics

Second Choice Lyrics
I'm always second choice I'm never first with you

Oh how it hurts to see you out with someone new

But I'll wait around while you play around and have your fun

Maybe someday you'll make second choice your one and only one

Just when I think I'm number one I find I'm number two

I feel the pain and hide the hurt that I go through

I live on dreams my precious dreams that never will come true

How long will I be second choice and love you like I do

[ steel ]

Though second choice is hard to take I'll never change sweetheart

I'll always be around to play the loser's part

I'll swallow pride and lock inside the heartaches that I feel

How long will I be second choice with the love so real

I'm always second choice...

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