Stonewall Jackson - Run Lyrics

Stonewall Jackson Lyrics

Run Lyrics
A bluebird a wingin' his lonely way south

Tryin' to escape from the cold and the drought

He's all alone in the cold grey sky fly little bluebird fly fly fly

North wind a blowing oh so cold poor little bird is so brave and so bold

He just keeps a flying for a southern sky his only hope is to fly fly fly

Well he's not the only one that's on that trail this old boy he just projail

Always a runnin' always afraid the good Lord above knows I've paid paid paid

Train whistle moaning oh so low and I don't even know where to go

I'll just keep a following the rising sun my only hope is to run run run

Well I was like to give up and turn myself in

But they would only bury me under the pen

So I'll keep a running until the day I die

The thought of this it makes me wanna cry cry cry

Train whistle moaning...

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