Stonewall Jackson - Push The Panic Button Lyrics

Stonewall Jackson Lyrics

Push The Panic Button Lyrics
Well Billy Wayne was found this morning passed out in his car

In the back seat was a woman that he'd picked up in a bar

When his mother heard her only words were this must be a dream

Billy wasn't Billy couldn'd he's just seventeen

Push the panic button call the doctor call the preacher

Blame this generation blame the high school teacher

Walk the floor and wring your hands and use God's name in vein

Then look into your mind and find the ones who are to blame

Well Mary Anne came home tonight with teardrops in her eyes

And told her dad where she has been instead of telling lies

He said cruel things and called her names said he didn't understand

How a girl so young could be so dumb and get mixed up with a man

Push the panic button...

Remember that footsteps lift the path your children walk

And the words they hear you use make up the language that they'll walk

To a youngster's eyes there's no disguise he'll look inside your mind

And unconsciously they'll follow into the path you leave behind

Push the panic button...

Push the panic button...

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