Stonewall Jackson - Ode To Cowboy Jack Lyrics

Stonewall Jackson Lyrics

Ode To Cowboy Jack Lyrics
Jack was a lonely cowboy with a heart so brave and true

He learned to love a maiden with eyes of heavens on blue

They learned to love each other and planned their wedding day

Then a quarrel came between them and Jack he rode away

He joined a band of cowboys and tried to forget her name

But out on the lonely prairie she waits for him just the same

Your sweetheart waits for you Jack your sweetheart waits for you

Out on the lonely prairie where the skies are always blue

One night when work was finished just after close of day

A boy said sing a song Jack it'll drive your cares away

When he began his singing his mind still wandered back

To the only fair haired maiden still waitin' for her Jack

Well Jack woke up next morning just at the dawn of the day

He said a last forgiveness I pray I'm not too late

When he reached down next evening he found a new grave mound

His friends all sadly told him we've laid your loved one down

They said that she was dying she softly breathed your name

And that just with her last breath to tell you that you came

Your sweetheart waits for you Jack...

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