Stonewall Jackson - Nashville Lyrics

Stonewall Jackson Lyrics

Nashville Lyrics
In the year of forty three mama finished feedin' me

And quickly rushed off to her job at Woorden's Backmill

But at fourth on Monroe's street a faillin' hearts stopped at willin' feet

And mama gave up the breath of life in the town of Nashville

Daddy was in the county jail so my older sister Nell

Took a job at a tavern that some folks called the Trashmill

And when the welfare agency offered help and smiled at me

No thanks but we'll get by in this town of Nashville

As a kid I went to school hurt stood high on a tavern stool

A listenin' to the songs on the jukebox at the Trashmill

And that hurtin' in them sad old songs settled deep in a poor boy's bones

And I vowed I'll someday pick and sing in Nashville

So my older sister Nell like a true blue southern bell

Bought me a second handed guitar from the Nashville goodwill

Heaven would smile and bells would ring when I touched those shiny strings

And I was the richest poor boy in the town of Nashville

[ piano ]

There's a chill down in my bones yes it's my time to go on

And I'm sure the good Lord knows the way I feel

So they're callin' me a star I can't forget about that first guitar

And a lady who helped me to make it big in this town of Nashville

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