Stonewall Jackson - My Song Lyrics

Stonewall Jackson Lyrics

My Song Lyrics
You've heard songs about the broken hearted couple who have fought

You've heard songs about romances and the teardrops they have brought

Many hearts are broken when the one day love has gone

If you feel the way I'm feeling would you listen to my song

When she walked along beside me and my heart was light and gay

I can see the tune's a changing lonely chords are here to stay

She filled my life with happy now the happiness is gone

Oh I'll try to soothe my sorrow in the verses of my song

[ piano ]

My heart's been broken not in two but in ten thousand ways

My nights are filled with loneliness and sadness through the days

I sit here by myself and cry and cry and cry and cry

Oh I guess I'll go on living cause I feel too blue tonight

She filled my life...

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