Stonewall Jackson - Drinking And Driving Lyrics

Stonewall Jackson Lyrics

Drinking And Driving Lyrics
I won't be home anymore I'll be so far away

In my lonely prison cell until my dying day

Friend I don't want to bore ye or waste much of your day

But I've got a sad story I'd like to tell about the life that just wasted away

I had a good home and a family one time and riches of diamonds and jewels

But one night out on a party my friends I broke one of God's golden rules

Thy shall not kill was deep in my heart that day

But drinking too much driving too fast I took three lives away

So then I was trialed and convicted and the judge said so mercy on me

He said we was makin' an example so I was sent in this penitentary

Ninety-mine years was my sentence never no more will I roam

Nover to be with my loved ones so dear no place but this cell to call home

I'm alone in my shame and this is writen deep in my soul

For the price I must pay for driking and driving can't be paid in silver and gold

I can't see my little darling or watch my babies at play

Three lives I took while drinking and driving out on the highway one day

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