Stonewall Jackson - Born That Way Lyrics

Stonewall Jackson Lyrics

Born That Way Lyrics
I don't know why I drink so much can't even stand the test

But liquid courage helps me through my day

If I take time to stop and think the booze just goes to waste

I'm still the same cause I was born that way

My love walked out and mama cried I've heard she even cursed

And said I'm turning off my family grey

Of all the kids she raised no doubt Stonewall turned out the worse

Guess I must have just been born that way

I guess there's a streak of sorry burried in each man

And it always shows up now and then

Mine wasn't burried deep enough it's got the upper hand

Cause that line between the good and bad's so thin

The preacher said my only chance was to be born again

So I got bowties and tried so hard to break

But the devil in me laughed and danced when I went back to sin

Guess I must have just been born that way

I'm just no good cause I was born that way what can I do when I was born that way

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