Stonewall Jackson - Angry Words Lyrics

Stonewall Jackson Lyrics

Angry Words Lyrics
It hurts down deep when angry words are spoken

Because of this countless tears are shed

Much too often tender hearts are broken

When hasty thoughtless angry words are said

As you know I stormed out of the house again this mornin'

I slammed the door and didn't even take your usual kiss

Well angry words can make us do things without a warnin'

I could hardly wait to get back home to tell you this

First of all you're the reason for my living

You've stuck with me when things were at their worst

We've got the home the kids and the joy they're giving

But over all you always will come first

We found out a long ago this life's no paradise

We're not angels or else we'd all have wings

Above all angry words I hope you realize that I love you if that means anything

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