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Closer To The Stars Lyrics
[Bonus disc track]

[Tony Martin:]
I was born with no future
Born to die without a chance
Well, I refuse to play the hand that life has dealt
I'm as good as anyone, maybe better than most

All they see is imperfections, not the strength I hold inside
I challenge all who reject the force of will
Cause If I'm not good enough, if I'm not real enough
Then I will lie!

I am a child of the stars
And you can't keep me here in a world I don't belong
I need to fly among the stars

We are all children of the stars
Don't feel I'm leaving, no, I feel I'm going home
I'm one step closer to the stars

They say I don't have a future
It wasn't mine from the start
I don't believe that man can live without fault
I'm as good as anyone, much better than them

I accept my imperfections, at least I have a perfect soul
I am the last to be born with free will
I've been luckier than most, not as lucky as some
But I will survive!

Oh, children of the stars, gotta fly, gotta fly
Feels like going home, I'm going home

If they take away my future, and deny me any chance
My imperfection is the demon here inside
I'm badder than anyone, more evil than them...
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