Stanley Stupid - Lamster Lyrics

Stanley Stupid Lyrics

Lamster Lyrics
(dead, dead, dead, dead, damn stir! damn stir!)

Dead, dead, dead, is my pet hamster,
and, and, and, his name was Lamster.
How I miss, miss him so,
But he just, had to go.

He was such a smart one,
he always had some fun.
Unlike, different from, smarter than...

I loved him, more than I love you,
He had, so much to do to do too-too.

weeeea-waaaaao-whooooa-whyyyyya-whyayay?(don't you see?)

There is n-n-n-n-nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn-ooooo-a-o-a-o-a-o-a-e-i-o-you,
are driving me crazy, you, are just being, lazy!
Don't leave me Lamster,
my favorite hamster,
cuz you're my only hamster,
And I hate that damn stir...

Yes...the stir that killed you myyyyyyy...
Lamster! (The!) Ham! (The!) Ster! (My!) Hamster!

(Lamster the Hamster, I will always love you. I will never forget you.
You live, in my heart.)

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