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Take The Time Lyrics
from "MSB", 1982, EMI-America Records Group

These are strange days we live in
The nights get even worse
The poets died at midnight--
in a New York City hearse...
And the news must make you crazy
It has for so long
And the streets are full of fear tonight--
and coming on strong...

You know, they're holed-up in Atlanta
broke down in L.A.
They went and sold out Detroit--
They put half the town away...
From the West Texas border
to the Carolina shore
You can see it in the faces--
There's gotta be something more...

Take the time to love someone
Take the time to make amends
Take the time to make a stand
Take the time for your friends
'Cause you can't roll your own forever
and somewhere, down the line--
you're gonna see that's all they give you
so you might as well take the time...

You know, they're laid off in Ohio
The Heartland's under strain
They're running scared in FLA--
and hiding out in Maine...
The sons of true believers
and the daughters of dreams
It can shake you when you find out--
it ain't just what it seems...

Now is the hour
Tomorrow might be too late
You gotta grab the moment--
You just can't hesitate...
And you know that it's the children
gonna pay for it all
And, like the man said--
"A hard rain's gonna fall"...


--words & music by Michael Stanley

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