The Stairs - This Town Let Me Down Lyrics

The Stairs Lyrics

This Town Let Me Down Lyrics
"Thank you very much. It's delightful to be here."

I hate it when you're alive
I smear myself with honey from places even bees don't
and hidden camera hookers
travel the world by train
I'm in love with a monster
endlessly destined for the drain
and you my friend are impossibly against everything
but when you wear a green tuxedo you dance where they
tell you to sing
so erase all thoughts of racing home to cut off the
make your home on a star, as Mary Anna Lizbeth grows
she's the overseer of precious things

now into the river's eye
we shake like some paper taped to a car passing by
and expert animators
think they know which way we move
I'm a sucker for sequels
and here comes the one where we lose
a piano grand where every single key turns to black
a hopeful frequent loser makes his presence known from
the back
it's the way he moves that suggests he might turn and
greet your new home Mary Anna this is where we finally
can everybody hear me in back?

"Another year is to pass before I come of age.
Come back at Thanksgiving. Return to me
at Thanksgiving. Then I will answer."

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