The Stairs - I Make Maps Lyrics

The Stairs Lyrics

I Make Maps Lyrics
I am a valuable man
I collapse upon command, I am
Replaceable cartridge of
Talented muscle

I work the trickster shift
I fall upon the moon
In the cold light of reason
I am the cup that overflows

I am a minister to
The Millionaire Academy
All the houses say we are
A talented nothing

After the deluge
When the bees have gone to bed
I ride the star-eyed ferry
And when I am aloneÉ

I make maps, I make maps, I make maps
That's what I do
And when you fall asleep
I make maps of you

I am the rage against
The ending of our days
A free radical
At the party of parties

I carry holly
On boughs to the brigade
The soldier in irons
Lies down on the lam

Out of the office
And onto the highway
Radiate me, baby
I am catch as catch can

And when I finish
The last will be the first
My wish is your command
And in the big roomÉ


I am the Grocer Boy
I am the Lucky One
I am the Confidant of the Heart-broken Angels

I am the New Machine
The Airship Submarine
I am the Answer

The silence is broken

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