The Stairs - Bulb Popper Lyrics

The Stairs Lyrics

Bulb Popper Lyrics
The day Zach stopped believing in the Planet X
all the fish jumped out of the water and broke their neck
the adults all laughed and the kids all cried
no one knew why no one knew why

Who told Zach to stop believing?
Was it a friend, a mother, or psychiatrist scheming?
Told him he'd have to grow up today
forget your friends on Planet X and blow them away
blow them away - blow them away

So Zach packed up all of his inventions
his Cosmonautic Phaser Of Good Intentions
His Telephone to speak with Planet X
To consult with its leader and see what's next
see what's next - see what's next

Well I still believe in Planet X
its microscopic shores and its filaments
the towers of cans, the warehouse of plans
the gray soupy ocean lapping atomized sands
atomized sands, atomized sands

And if you can believe it it's real
just ask the people of Planet X how they feel
to go on without their leader
to inch ahead, filled with dread, one small meter
one small meter - one small meter

so come on now and join the world
join the boys and join the girls
bulb popper - show stopper

we are waiting, we are waiting, we are waiting

to shine is to shatter but does it matter?

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