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Stack$ Lyrics

I'm On Lyrics
(feat. Paul Wall, Pitbull, 8ball & MJG)

Yea, it's ya man Stack$, 8ball, Paul Wall, and Pitbull, MJG, and nigga we on That's right

I was sippin' platinum baby bottles up in nursery
Swerving off dat burgundy, got my weight up like I'm Hercules
For all of 'yall dat aint heard of me that shit there sounds absurd to me
Got my goons in da front, goons in da back
Just in case the boys wanna bang we bang back
Slang dem raps like a nigga slang crack
If you don't smoke purp you can catch a contact
Got ball and g, from Tennessee and Paul Wall they on with me
They moving slow and they mug and mean and they moving off dat memphizene
Got a big house looking over the water
Drive a different car every day of the month
Like the boys in the dope game locked at the border
Me and the boys got the game locked up
Like fabo, betcha can't do it like me
And I betcha can't spend seven million like me
Raised in the burbs but I'm known in the streets
Connected to the playas and the double OG's

I'm on like them lights at Christmas time at the rocafella
Shrooming off them portabellas going off that annabella
I'm on like them lights at Christmas time at the rocafella
Shrooming off them portabellas going off that annabella

I'm on, anything you need what you talking 'bout prolly got it up my sleeve Yea I'm on, me and my team
Pockets stay thick like codeine promephazine yea
I'm on, yea I'm on, yea I'm on, I'm On yea yea I'm On,
I'm On yea I'm On, yea
Okay, okay, okay

Hey, Paul Wall, Paul Wall
You already know what I'm sippin' on, 44's I'm tippin' on
Grippin' grain and flippin' chrome
H-town baby that's my home and Paul Wall
Baby that's my name, on da mic I bring da pain
Competition still talking down but it's unanimous that they lame
Swisha House is my domain with t ferris and g u
Why chug a deuce and sip a deuce
Pop the trunk and bang the screw
Might see me flippin' down MLK, might see be flipping down Antoine drive
Texas baby born and raised on 22's I glide like Clyde

Maybe 24's like T.I. I'm sitting high cocked up on stilts
I'm leaning baby going off dat tilt, sew da game up like a quilt
I'm well built and I'm thoroughbred
All day chasing after bread
On da grind I'm making moves while I'm a dime piece give me some head
Michael Watts still chopping it up I'm with the grit boys showing up
That purple kush we rolling up and that purple stuff we pouring up
Its Paul Wall and Stack$ money, it's SoBe and dat Swisha House
I'm on it baby draped up and dripped out
Coming live from the dirty south


I be creeping in 69 heavy Chevy 4 door
Deep with the back leaning hand on a 44
See gorilla ride up, cup with some thick in it
Nappy hair afro, niggas with the pick in it
Playas put your drinks up, hos let me see your tongue
MJG pimp tight, known to get it done
Cadillac's truck, come equip with the hos in the
Trunk full of all different kind of pimp clothes in it
Boys want to go to sleep, the bitches want to ride with me
Tell dem niggas not tonight, waiting outside for me
I'm on like a menstrual cycle don't stop, and you gonna need a tampon that covers the whole block
I'm a be the whole city, make you run into the next state
Break shit up, like a dose of Kaopectate
Motherf*ckers won't have a minute to spectate
Come and see me, I'm on, you can get straight


Go ahead boy, Go ahead boy, Go ahead boy, you gonna make me spill my lean
Go ahead boy, Go ahead boy, Go ahead boy, you gonna make me spill my lean
Go ahead boy, Go ahead boy, Go ahead boy, you gonna make me spill my lean
Go ahead boy, Go ahead boy, quit playing boy, you gonna make me spill my lean

Y'all better pay attention, to what's going down
I done paid my dues and I ain't going nowhere now
Y'all boys gonna have to see, all the things that I'm doing and learn how to deal with it
Learn how to live with it, yea I f*ck with the game but the last thing I'll ever do is kill with it
Y'all aint ready for what's about to happen, y'all ain't ready for a
Little Cuban from da south done put it done in a way that's neva heard neva seen yea
I'm from where we double the money 'cause we triple the beam Man
They aint ready for me, that's right, they aint ready for me
I'm just the truth in every sense of the word and my dawg Lil' Jon is from where we got them dirty birds
And they fly south whenever they run out, Dade County, we too strong
Buddy, I'm On


South where it's H-town, white cup, crushed ice
Purp mixed with cran grape, pour it up, get nice
Who is that, fat boy, gold mouth, pure south
When you hear 'em say living legend that's who they talking bout
Behind black tint, passenger seat bad bitch
Mafia ties I'm responsible for right hits
Holla at me when you see me I ain't Hollywood
I'm just another nigga getting paid burning good
It's in my blood I ain't never been nothing but hood
Niggas get the pistol brawl, hit the hardwood
I'm in Miami at the mall spending big stacks
South Beach, me and big Stack$ on the track
Memph ten, blue city, orange mound pimp
Drink by the gallon, weed by the pound pimp
Playa made and it ain't hard to tell
Like James Todd nigga 8Ball hard as hell


Uh, we on, from the dirty south, yea

We out
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