Stacka Da Jacka - Swallow your fear Lyrics

Stacka Da Jacka Lyrics

Swallow your fear Lyrics
bitch what
wanna roll with a new providence thug
a nigga known fa gettin bucc
and f*ckin shit up in clubs
i"m tryin toget with you
don"t act like you ain"t gon hook it up
i flex pure skill baby
neva eva no luck
you"ll neva meet a nigga come correcta than me
he say the same shit
but neva say it better than me
you"ll neva meet a nigga who can wine and dine you
or who can get the p**sy wetter than me
and i bet it"ll be
the greatest time that you had in yo' life
kickin it with apimp nigga till the end of the night
even though i don"t love you
i canstill doyou right
step in the bedroom
and don"t 4get to turn off the light
you could invite a few friends over if thats what you like
it don"t matter if they str8
or if them hoes some dikes
we can get it on from the morning light till the night
and when it"s over i"ll send you home on a 1st class flight
swallow yo'fear baby

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