Sonny James - Woodbine Valley Lyrics

Sonny James Lyrics

Woodbine Valley Lyrics
I'm on that long long road to Woodbine Valley where a broken heart can go

I've heard a heart can heal there in that valley where the warm breezes blow

Soft rivers flow

No tears will ever fall the skies are sunny trouble and sorrow far behind

And no one cares at all or seems to worry about that once upon a time

When love was kind

Sometimes in our lives it's good to know

That there's a place to go and hide those tears

They tell the story of a lost and broken love

And golden dreams of life that disappear

Each one of us can go to Woodbine Valley where ever true love goes astray

Your dreams will start to grow releasing old mem'ries

Lonely hearts will learn there is a day love comes to stay

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