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Tree Of Birds Lyrics
(A tree of birds)

In a desert town the desert sunbeam down on a small boy laying sick in bed

It burned his fevered brow so much she witched somehow

But the sun was the shade tree instead

I chanced the whippoorwill which throne is windowsill

And overheard the boy's fevered plea

He whippoorwilled a cry to feathered friends near by

And an old time at all they made a tree

A tree of birds a bird tree soon the tree started singing merryly

Chirup chirup twee twee get on your feet sweetly sang a tree of bird

When the little boy heard that lovely song he looked all around and to his surprise

There was a wonderous tree a whinning singing tree

A tree of birds flying right before his weary eyes

With their little wings they kept cooling things

Till his fever broke and ill may flow away

The boy has tried to tell how birds made him well but no one believes him to this say

A tree of birds...

(A tree of bird) a tree of bird

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