Sonny James - Running Lyrics

Sonny James Lyrics

Running Lyrics
I'm running running from heartbreak

I haven't been running long still it seems like year

One night very soon I know heartbreak will catch me sleeping and so

When I wake up my pillow will be wet with tears

I'm running running from memories

Memories so sweet I must leave them all behind

One day very soon I'm sure I remember more than I can endure

Just thinking of you will drive me right out of my mind

Running running to parties running from girl to girl

Running long as you're running love's a merry word

(Running) uh huh (running and laughing) uh huh

As long as I'm in a crowd I can play the clown

But later when the crowd's all gone when I find myself all alone

I'll run out of places to run and it gets me down

Just running I'm running (running)

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