Sonny James - Misery And Agony Lyrics

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Misery And Agony Lyrics
Well I live up on a mountain top in unended misery

Cause my love lives upon the other mountain and she named that agony

The folks up there don't marry us but we know our love is true

So every night we slip to the valley and love till one or two

Then I climb climb climb up misery she climbs agony

Goodnight love we'll meet again tomorrow down by the old oak tree

Climb up here and she's up there and they're keepin' us worlds apart

I'm in misery she's in agony and it nearly breaks my heart

The days are long every minute is longer than before

The sun goes down and the moon goes a climbin' and I leave my love once more

Then I climb climb climb...

Now there ain't no future and hide and love and I can't go on this way

I can't live on nighttime love and I want her everyday

There ain't no man and there ain't no mountain that can ever make me stop

I'm gonna bring her down from agony and overcome a mountain top

Till then I'll climb climb climb...

Till then I'll climb climb climb...

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