Sonny James - Goodbye Maggie Goodbye Lyrics

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Goodbye Maggie Goodbye Lyrics
Maggie lies under the cold freshy turnin' ground

Everyone's gone but me I'm still around

I hate to go yes I hate to leave Maggie might keep me Maggie might grieve

Goodbye Maggie Maggie goodbye goodbye Maggie Maggie goodbye

I miss you so I can't help but cry I love you so goodbye Maggie Maggie goodbye

My heart is breaking as I walk away if I could help her now I'd gladly stay

Yes I would gladly take my Maggie's place if it would bring back her smiling face

Maggie was little she was only four she'll be afraid to knock at heaven's door

The angels treat her oh so gently and kind Maggie was cherished Maggie was mine

Goodbye Maggie Maggie goodbye...

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