Sonny James - Cat Came Back Lyrics

Sonny James Lyrics

Cat Came Back Lyrics

Now old Uncle John had troubles of his own.
He had an ol' yellow cat that wouldn't leave home.
He tried everything he knew to keep the cat away -
even gave it to a preacher an' he told it for to stay, but

the cat came back, the cat came back,
I thought he was a goner but the cat came back -
cos he wouldn't stay away.

Now the cat was a terror and he thought it was best -
to give it to a fella who was headin' out west.
The train went around the corner an' it hit a broken rail ---
Not a soul aboard the train lived to tell the tale, but


He gave the ol' cat to the man in a balloon.
He told him to leave it with the man in the moon.
The balloon it bursted and everybody said ---
Ten miles away, they picked the man up dead, but

Now the farmer on the corner's gonna kill the cat on site -
he's loaded up his gun full of nails an' dynamite ---
He waited in the garden til' the cat came 'round ---
Seven little pieces of the man was all they found, but


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