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Slick Rick Lyrics

Venus Lyrics
All the lonely guys.. [echoes]

[Slick Rick]
Just gettin off my job, 'round Wall Street with the ties on
Finest girl a brother think he ever set eyes on
Nice day, rather sunny, as we made a run for honey
with her warm personality - well it's on the run
"I'da turned her right there" - seemed kind of fun to bear
wonderin there, as he tellin me he could get the underwear
Meanwhile, still jockin her, like a real sucker
Says the waitress so fine, she could have AIDS - I'd still knock her
Heart beatin for her since a brother didn't figure eatin
As I asked her if she's single - "Yeah I caught my nigga cheatin."
"Nice to meet you." Leaves, she had dope combined features
Watched her walk away and observin the fine creature
Next day again went in, ordered, brought some [?] with us
Ran into so much to her and her friends they start to hang with us
They pair and move, dope, fine, they both swine
"Can I take you out to movies, wine dine the whole nine?"
She condoned, good riddance, nigga slid her somethin
Didn't want to get to bone her, though I knew I didn't own her
And I could of made a move, a little will power is all
Although she told him that she liked him as a friend and that was all
And since hang with us, shorty totally [?] freak of the week
On my birthday bought me pair of Gucci sneakers
"Did she like me?" racin the thought, was it a sign?
Guess it weren't immoral
When she saw me Debbie dissed me kinda special
"Since for this dish, none'll pay, but everybody wanna play
How long is money gonna wait? So ask the honey on a date
And she accepts, athough it wasn't much planned
Windows of the world even had the nerve to touch her hand
Thought I lookin at, bashful, no source
Pulls out what's a shine, then the hon pulls closer
Thought clever hint, so what she straight? Never been so excited
and convinced, kissin heaven ever since
Hold her hand to, chillin, future plan to build
Couldn't believe my dream fulfilled
All in the girl began to ill by singin

[Slick Rick: singing]
Lady if you will
Say you're the one that's sent for me to thrill
Some one that I can hold close in my arms
With all the charms of you
With all the charms of you, of you.. of you, of you..
Of a lady (of a lady)
This world is just for ladies (just for ladies)
A heart screams out to ladies (out to ladies)
A world of love's for you baby (for you baby)

[whistling] [beat fades over scratching]

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