Slick Rick - Tonto Lyrics

Slick Rick Lyrics

Tonto Lyrics
[Slick Rick]
One day fishing heard Indian drums
Saw a brother listen to, wife kissin to
Then on another mission to
The city of a sister, it was a far distance
There was a ranger outta area they needed my assistance
Tuesday of the cash, last man that rob pimpy
He never returned, I said ok and put the money in the fin
And then he bumped into this girl
who like that girl that more come Indian
How I sex a white trick, jockin me she Indian
Comin in on this feet, and comin hopin a chance for ropin in
How'd you like to put your Indian tee in my opening
So that was a deed, cuz a nigga wasn't new to this
True to this, double barrel slide out the uterus
Calm, started singin sad popular songs
Took the money and the hon', screamin at the top of her lungs
You won a hundred per a reefer, once about to smoke a blunt
Know, run wit up fronto, screw a girl pronto, mean Tonto

[Indian and horse samples]

[Slick Rick]
Was extremely pissed, still picturin screwin this
I don't know why the f*ck I'm doin this
New since, on the horse tracks, whose to choose
Sad or loose, both thirst or a cactus full of juice
All of a sudden, these women like model hoes in Paris
Then don't hate me the Indian, I was so embarrased
Don't pull a kid a minute, to give in within a minute
Til I seen a shaggy condo, or a couple livin in it
Shouldn't have, friendly manner, though she pack her up and ran her
Coudln't stand the finer fellas like she wanted some banana
Led me to the back of the house, the hands that started trife
Used it as my marks and then I nearly had a heart attack
Brush it off, deal wit the floss, way past disgusted
Said what's the matter granny? Is your blood ass dusted
Back in the hunt, now what he want, poor granny offer me a blunt
No not without fronto, screw girl pronto mean's Tonto, grandma

[Indian and horse samples]

[Slick Rick]
Found a small timers after all, wasn't her family prone
Without my 45, now y'all up against the wall
Where's the hooker and the money, here she came, sweatin mind
Then the bitch she pull a pistol on my far behind
Now she a smartish, should of figured when gettin off the highway
So the horse busted in, startin lettin off the shotty
Killed the men, slapped the girl, didn't I tell you start traffic
Come on Rick, a horse carriage, that's what the f*ck happen
We the folks, bleadin, size men, I please them
Indeed, don't ever touch a killer bitch, no I need her
Plan a role, better yet, well is your pole up
Signals from the west say what the hell is the holdup
Though she scare the honey, hit the switch there's to run it
Caught a savage back the hooker, said bitch where's the money
Gave it up hunter, she wants a brother so it's fronto
That's not what I want, so drop drawers pronto mean's Tonto

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