Slick Rick - Ship Lyrics

Slick Rick Lyrics

Ship Lyrics
"Yes, yes the original"
"Ricky, you the nigga don't forget it" [x6]
"Ok, ok, ok, ok" [x6]

[Slick Rick]
Well as you know, thousand tear off they blouse
Bear rounds, have a spouse, try 'member who house
And big hitter in leavin a fitter in literin
Get rid of considerin, rocks be glitterin
Walkin over like a hawk and stalkin, king souls
Every one walkin, one of a batch, want a hatch for a poppin
When a catch for a play in pass four and I'm in rap for
As can vision upon pull, now it's all full to a rich or for the poor
Without no more delays, sissy world flips, ok baby
Because of our way, niggas yell hiphiphoorayin'
Is it? So as the next kiss it, and a sex miss it
Remain the exquisite, as I shower the hits
Best feel, let me see you overpower me twig, cuz I ship


[Slick Rick]
Blocks and blocks stare in the jocks
Hip hop the fox, knock niggas out box
Wit the fly green socks and the limelight flappin
It's nothin dap in this, so champion of rappin is
Brother girl fiend brought a jugga
Though I overlook her, being dream but a hooker
Yo who got things sowed, one guessed it, blessed wit kit kat messed wit
Bulletproof vest sweat like doors like Coron'
Hello psycho home, pass that microphone
Hearin, whole world cheerin
None scarin, ain't million dollar ring wearin
So let it me, as the world said it
Cold sweat it, Ricky you the nigga don't forget it
As I shower the hits, best split
Or let me see you overpower me twig, cuz I ship


[Slick Rick]
Yo, why in the world is rap white wind
Then sent for a mental, who dance or I enter
Present to the fans, who want a picnic bent
To get sent to spray praises on new found intellect
Though I'm wettable, who fedeble, unedible
Mic said mad incredible
Never heard of us, when your words are dusted
Send you move like murderers, not murderers proud to say
Girls go 'wow' and 'ow' to now show ya how to bow to
Scoop-a, in the train goopa, don't bloop a
What, Rick you playin supa dupa
How Slick? Just, you must get the picture
The one eyed kid, remain victor
As I shower the hits, best split
Or let me see you overpower me twig, cuz I ship

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