Slick Rick - Let's All Get Down Lyrics

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Let's All Get Down Lyrics
[Greg Nice:]
I'm a live nigga, standin out like a rash
A live nigga, keep cash in a stash
What's the eggs without the cornbeef hash?
Blowin up like Sarah Dash
Jerkin up the neck, known to cause whiplash
Dance and get down with me
Peep the steelo, the strategy
What killed the cat's curiosity?
You better believe that I be freakin
Pull my [?] the M for leakin
Same MC who wreck shop at the Beacon
Uptown lingo is what I'm speakin
So put your pedal to the metal
And feet to the ground
And peep this uptown sound
It makes no sense in stadin around
Hey, it makes no sense just standin around

[Chorus: x2]

Come on everybody lets all get down
Come on everybody lets all get down
Come on everybody lets all get down
It makes no sense just standin around

[Slick Rick:]
I'm chillin with Nice and Smooth with my Phat Farm outfit
They say what's up Rick what's up good to see you out kid
Where the party at, askin and relaxin
And pop a couple of Moe's listenin to some fat tracks with them
Being a kid locked, want to check the the scene and shit
Zulu Nation havin somethin tonight at the arena Greg
Lets get drunk and roll, said they like the sound of it
Rolled a couple of blunts, but Ruler wasn't down with it
[?] want to go and hit somethin
Be off work release even if you get caught with weed in yo system
Be up north quick, since we all down to roll
Went to the club havin the upmost amount of fun
Shoul've heard them groupies scream for
Wonder why this brother lookin at me all mean for
Ignored it, kept wappin til my neck hurt
Then Greg Nice and Smooth did this very same record called


[Smooth B:]
Happy birthday, what's the word say
To papa smurf, I cover the globe like earth day
Rollin with G and the Rickster
Flavor full boogie down mixture
We came back to attack with the Ruler
You can't get no cooler
On our way to the bank
Now do the Patty Duke and then do the Spank
Come from the heart things spark
And keep your eyes glued to the top of the chart
Oh shit, its the man with the fronts and the jewels
The kids with the blunts and the tools
Sewing up shop like needles
Sellin more recorde than the Beetles
So don't be astound
And makes no sense in standin around


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