Slick Rick - King Piece In The Chess Game Lyrics

Slick Rick Lyrics

King Piece In The Chess Game Lyrics
[Slick Rick]
Check, check, check, check
Check, check.. [Slick Rick starts humming a snake charmer song]
They say.. that Rick Rick is..

You're all garbage, that type talk I'm on
Dumb one becomin glad the great one walks among
Whisperin, couple I scuffle eye
You little feedback niggaz don't want any trouble
Rick'll own clout, sewn bout
Lick a throw now, how til death I kick a bone out
Why pursue for folk object?
My record will be barkin all through your broke project
[??] Yes my dog art, best to park her, kark her ??
You don't want death to walk her
Not sayin that - ain't nuttin could do me
But in the rap game, all secondary to me
WHOA, whatever I settle
if a nigga wanna eat he better never cry battle
Hell yeah, ram the one sell fare elsewhere
Put you and your family on welfare

[Chorus: Canibus]

(Ricky D!) Rip it up, your watery blood
ain't thick enough, yo wack niggaz ain't slick enough
Ready and willin to face you, death awaits you
The king piece in the chess game, to checkmate you

[Slick Rick]
Ooooooooooh, twist shot bitch, [??] voter ignores [??]
Watch toys duck, consider rap's ultimate voicebox
Devour, and addressin dem coward
How can one man posess so much power?
Rhyme tearin through, bash all trifle
the eyes and spare a few assholes lives
This object - brothers are glued to knob lick
'Scuse me, if I'm bein overly rude to public
The favorite - make you fall in love, make whoever with
clever kid, make you do the best steps you ever did
The trick is, managin to kick it
It's no such thing as challenging the Slickest
It's double-or-sure shot, crumble before spot
(I know) Must be humble before God
Ringing, cat must fear king-ing
Party over here, type atmosphere spinning


[Slick Rick]
Ooooooooooh, I toy your cheddar top-netter
You find me a human being, boy or girl bet-ter
It's short son -- nurse and them soundkick bark on
Stop talk, stop worshipin the ground Rick walk on
Bitch play number one bougie
Wish they could give motherf*cker some pussy
Seen the face of supreme in tasteness
Never see another human being this greatness
Successful, and the hype is effectful and
sorry God if bein any type disrespectful and
hip-hop, assume pop's acquited
Now with tick-tock, you don't stop, hit it!
Command Rick, shower the firmament
Earnin it, tremendous power is permanent
Unless frame interest dame
Let's name who the king piece in the chess game

[Chorus x4]

Yo, we can battle in front of the castle, I'll disgrace you
I roast you, I burn you, I bake you
I cremate you - I motherf*ckin hate you!
The king piece in the chess game'll check mate you, nigga!
Ricky D y'all..

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