Slick Rick - I'm Captive Lyrics

Slick Rick Lyrics

I'm Captive Lyrics
"Bust a move" [x6]

[Slick Rick:]
What's good? Chit-chatter, back to work last week
Had to spit, muthaf*cka, I ain't doing jack shit
Go ahead, squeeze the trigger, cause I don't see how you figure
Two lashes, ok, it can be a good nigga
I'm the last man cooking, I was in heat suppose
Crawl back to the house, the wife cooking pig toes
Life's rough, that's the tore up, peace, but that ain't enough
Had to see master plow her, and my honey pie stuffed
Then trifle like bring her body, had Rick's wife
And she's nice and the kids be like 'daddy, that's life'
Take it like a man, money, try, keep rocking
Then one day, clock the balls, honey drive by and said
I'll do anything for you, kept drinking up
Hero of my wife, tell ya man stop sticking her
Master's coming, I'm not saying you're not attractive
Whip snap, if a nigga run high active, I'm captive...

[samples scratched up]

[Slick Rick:]
One day he was dogging her back, got me mad too
Dish it like you like this, she said, Rick I tried to
Aiding to the problem, master wife, what you wanna do?
Connie was naked and parading in front of me
She said, that's the slut, Rick, and I'm over her
I said chill out sweetheart, because I like life alot
She said, I have sources who will burn you on the cross
You get across, see, don't make me have to force you
Man, I had a decision, so I winked and to the granny
And she said, well you can start by eating my fatty
Change of plans, she said, no Rick, stay here
Quality's a whole, is never seen in a man
Can some change for me, said I attract because I'm handsome
Forgive me Rick, and step back to the mansion
That night be home, I'm finding blood all on my feet
Said shorty got shot for eating an extra piece of meat
I'm not even gonna start, no dad, I didn't budge
Next day master acting feminine like a f*ck
Thinking I'm mean benching, no, hands is on the hips
Kept winking at Clinton, tried to kiss me on the lips
And here came master wife, saying I'm attractive
The whip snapped, if a nigga weren't high active, I'm captive...

[samples scratched up]

[Slick Rick:]
Master departs, can have some? You never bought some
Quoting from the bible, telling me to have a heart
So I shove aside the price, cause I asked her, I'm above it
Until we asleep, she's like master, I love it
The slut, he suppose to be gay, I figure not
But, here came master trynna squeeze a nigga butt
Look you getting too bold, well ain't you the meanest?
Bang bang, my liver son, he shot him in the penis
I said, chill, son, he chilled at his little Teddy
He said, don't go home, I done killed mom already
You know the half, now my life is full of laughter
Fell in love with granny, lived happily ever after
Due to the fact, the hooker found me attractive
The whip snapped, til the hooker weren't high active, she's captive...

[samples scratched up]

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