Slaughterhouse - Put Some Money On It (Remix) Lyrics

Slaughterhouse Lyrics

Put Some Money On It (Remix) Lyrics
[Intro: Sample]
"Grind Music, bitch! "

[Sheek Louch:]
Ayo, Joell!
I'm on this, son. {Put some money on iiit!}

[Sheek Louch {Sample}:]
G'eah! - Don Corlito flyin' out a Tito (ssss!)
The further I get the ground look more mosquito. (bye-bye!)
Dutch burnin'. - Other hand big Mojito (hahaa!)
I don't mean Dorito when I say {Put some money on iiit!}
Yeaaah! - You ain't really all around all that stuff
The coke, the crack, the guns, heard 'bout enough. (it's enough!)
They said: "Yo Donny! You gon' really sign with Puff? " (yeeeah!)
I said: "I'll live too long as Diddy... " {Put some money on iiit!} (take that!)
What? - I'm the L-O-X Jeter (g'eaaah!)
Tattooed up in a white wife-beater. (look at that!)
Aston Vanquish parked at the meter (whooo!)
I forgot to feed her, better go {Put some money on iiit!}
Yeaaah! - Now they all love the Don G (uh-huh!)
I'm on BET more than "Leprechaun 3". (that's right!)
They say I'm on fire, it don't hurt when I pee. (naaah!)
I don't layaway {c'mon!} only y'all {c'mon!} {Put some money on iiit!}

[Joell Ortiz {Sample}:]
Yaowa! - Put your guap up hot stuff, you not tough (ch'eah!)
Let's play a game of Trouble and when I pop up. (pop!)
It's with the Glock tucked, crotched up in a dropped up
Low like you know how this go. {Put some money on iiit!}
I'm a product of the corner. (boo!)
Cornered the market with the product I would offer. (ch'eah!) - Slaughtered the garbage.
Slide a condom on your daughter on the floor in the projects (sss!)
Homeboy {c'mon!} I make more {c'mon!} than a promise. {Put some money on iiit!} (ohhh!)
I know the amount of hate that my worth sparks (ch'eah!)
But I ain't goin' nowhere like a birthmark. (no!)
I pound puppies before they get to they first bark ('oof!)
Anybody wanna get they first spark? {Put some money on iiit!}
Hey! - What's the matter? - Cat got your tongue?
Your words so feint they collapsed in your lungs. (sss!)
Put some bass in your voice like you snacked on a drum (uhh!)
Watch my fist {c'mon!} make a track {c'mon!} on your gums. {Put some money on iiit!}

[Jadakiss {Sample}:]
Never been wack so that ain't one of my issues (uh-uh!)
Just get my bread and take care of my pistols. (uh-huh!)
Soon as I open a brick you can see the crystals
Soon as the piff come in you can {Put some money on iiit!}
Trust me, it's important. (yup!) - Shoot it or snort it.
Oxy's the largest. - Profit is gorgeous. (uh!)
Stay off the phone cause the calls are recorded. {c'mon, c'mon, c'mon!}
And if you can afford it then you better {Put some money on iiit!}
Tryin to be a diamond in the game I been one (uh-huh!)
Killin niggaz with the flow, H1-N1. (yup!)
You can get a buck-fifty quick, a thin one
Before rap I had a drug dealer's income.
{Put some money on iiit!} Master Jason!
God on the rocks with a splash of Satan (Satan!)
Stash right here with the ratchet waitin' (waitin'!) - since you hatin'
Name the place {c'mon!} and the date {c'mon!} and {Put some money on iiit!}

[Styles P {Sample}:]
Never trust niggaz no further than I can throw 'em. (never!)
Long with the razor and the doctor can't sew 'em.
Said I as the hardest out, now I gotta show 'em! (show 'em!)
Cocksucker doubted me, I owe 'em {Put some money on iiit!} (hahaha!)
You could be that dude in cement shoes (yeah!)
Or the next soft nigga on this evening's news.
Rap beef, street beef, breeze through crews (ssss!)
Freeze, {c'mon!} handguns, {c'mon!} machine guns {Put some money on iiit!} [automatic gunshots]
I don't even need guns, (uh-huh!) play me like I'm poppa shit
End up with a hawk in your esophagus. (I'll!)
Hardest nigga to walk in the metropolis (word!)
Genocide mixed with apocalypse {Put some money on iiit!}
Kill niggaz real easy dawg (eeeeasy!)
"Ghost" in the flesh, f*ck a Ouija Board. (f*ck that!)
Droptop Beamer with the BB's on (errr!)
Gun in your face. {c'mon!} - And I ain't shoot {c'mon!} BB's dawg. {Put some money on iiit!}

[Interlude: Crooked I]

[Royce Da 5'9" {Sample}:]
Slaughter gon' be runnin' you over over a century
You ain't one of The Lox, you don't flow nowhere near me.
You ain't Tip, Ali Shaheed, Phife
Nigga you pro'bly {c'mon!} "The Low End Theory". {c'mon!} {Put some money on iiit!}
You still doin shows for fifty seats
Still writin' rhymes 'bout LeBron that's with the Heat.
Still writin' raps 'bout Kat and Chippy D
My next freestyle I'm a blast through WikiLeaks. {Put some money on iiit!} (ha!)
Maserati ridin with that Mary on
It's a black and white thang, call that chick Arione.
Talkin' all that shit, you a f*ckin' fag!
I do you like {c'mon!} a Louis duffle bag {c'mon!} at the airport. {Put some money on iiit!}
Bitch, a carry on, my head growin'
Gettin my Barry on, lead throwin'.
With necessary while you puttin on a show for them hoes
Gettin' your Tyler Perry on. - C'mon! {Put some money on iiit!}
Uh! - My mic manners is quite mannish
I got these young bitches tongue flippin' just like Spanish (uhh, uhh!)
You gotta feed her just to hit it, that don't count to me {c'mon!}
I take her, {c'mon!} fill her tummy up, I don't mean out to eat. - Nickel! {Put some money on iiit!}

[Crooked I {Sample}:]
Floor seats at the Knick game, I'm traffickin' weed
I'm at The Garden in The Apple like Adam and Eve.
And my Gat'll put your hat on your sleeve {c'mon!}
Now you really ahead of your time {c'mon!} I'm out of your league. {Put some money on iiit!}
See I get dough and cop the Benz-o
My job credentials is confidential.
It's not pretend so everything is autobiographical
Weight of the world on my shoulder, the planet on my clavicle. {Put some money on iiit!}
But it don't matter though cause I'm a go get it! (GOOOO!)
Life's a bitch and then you get thrown in it.
That's why I get "Ca$h Money" like it's "No Limit".
This material shit, {c'mon!} I'm so with' it, {c'mon!} get it? {Put some money on iiit!}
This is for you rap stars feelin y'all clever
I'm the penitentiary's sick ward, illest bars ever.
I ball in the paint hard
It's like I'm acceptin' bank cards the way that I take charge. {Put some money on iiit!}

[Joe Budden {Sample}:]
Low tints on the CL, gray Coupe! (ohhh!)
Only out of the cage when all hell breaks loose.
Focus pimpin', all my shooters veered off {c'mon, c'mon!}
The road to redemption, so it's no exemptions. {Put some money on iiit!}
When Joe is mentioned - the flow is pinchin'
Got me in a mansion with a gopher, Benson.
If you said you rap you better than that (what?!)
What we'll do is treat your head like a tab? {Put some money on iiit!}
The outfit is fresh, foam?, is cobwebs
She don't look like a model then I pro'bly wouldn't pop her.
Dudes is my son, should be callin' me poppa. {c'mon!}
I won't acknowledge it, treatin' me {c'mon!} like a Focker! {Put some money on iiit!}
Hip-Hop ain't dead! - I been puttin' the pulse in from long ago (since!)
I mean back when Tracey Ullman had her own show. (uhh!)
Want fire? Put Mouse on it {c'mon!}
If I'm a liar, {c'mon!} go ahead! {Put some money on iiit!} - AOOOWWWWW! [beat stops]

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