Slaughterhouse - Park It Sideways Lyrics

Slaughterhouse Lyrics

Park It Sideways Lyrics
[Intro: x2]
You know we're 'bout that club life, thug life
Got this bitch pumping...
Pocket full of money (we rollin')
Pocket full of money (we rollin')
P-p-p-pocket full of money

[Verse 1: Royce Da 5'9"]
Y'all niggas fake as f*ck
Lipstick on my collar, I couldn't make this up
I live in a real estate like it's housing
Life is grand, like a thousand
Stopless counting, my bitch is a walking fountain
I talk to bosses, you talk to bouncers
Every bad bitch you see in here is coming with us
So I suggest you...

[Verse 2: Joe Budden]
Get off of her, officer get rid of them cuffs
So many bitches we don't know, don't know what to do with them
Head ain't even fun no more unless there's two of them
To tell the truth, I think beating it is easy
So when I say I pop a model, y'all got reasons to believe me
Keeping it breezy, just me and my Weeknd CD
Wanna fly in for the week and you see me
Can tell I be beating it beastly cause look at how weakened her knees be
With the [?] track, and she f*ck me fast
Now she on stand-by, blame the buddy pass

You know we're 'bout that club life, thug life
Got this bitch bumping like a bug bite, thug life
Pockets full of money (we rollin')
P-p-pockets full of money (we rollin')
P-p-pockets full of money
Park that motherf*cker sideways
Park that motherf*cker sideways (we rollin')
Park that motherf*cker sideways
To let these niggas know you're rolling in some motherf*cking shit

[Verse 3: Crooked I]
Like A.I. I cross over when I'm near a mic
I stay fly even though I got a fear of heights
I aim steady when I'm gunning with one of them nines
And you ain't ready for a hustler who hugging his grind
My chain heavy, so heavy the medallion broke the main levy
Now that motherf*cker is flooded with diamonds
Like a broke nigga, I ain't got nothing to lose
But I'm rich in the club, the couch is under my shoes

[Verse 4: Joell Ortiz]
And shawty mouth is under my (ooo?)
I can't say that, radio don't play that
I'm so cool the sun gotta hate that
But it can never blind me, now where my raise at?
Yeah, boy, this is payback
Y'all was hating back in May, so I said "Hey" and bought a Maybach
The roof gone, so I park it where the shade at
Leave it sideways and spin the wheel, no Sajak


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