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Monsters In My Head Lyrics
Monsters, in my head
Monsters, in my head

[Crooked I]
What if I told you I wake up screamin and swingin, dreamin that I'm fightin demons
Dreamin I'm swingin on heathens, competin and schemin
to eat every piece of my peace when I'm sleepin, need a priest and a deacon
I'm speakin to preachers, tell 'em I'm only at peace when I'm drinkin
I'm sinkin deep into hell thinkin I'm fiendin for freedom
Cause bein in a well isn't good for my well-bein
A walkin zombie I be comatose
Nobody loves a nobody who probably overdosed
in the lobby of the Omni Hotel, probably find me with an empty bottle of Oxy
Shakin like a earthquake's inside me or I caught the holy ghost
Wonder if therapy could take care of these monsters
before I kill more innocent people than Jared Lee Loughner!
They spit on me, shit on me, society kicked on me, hit on me
'til I was sick and exhausted, flipped and I lost it
off hallucinogenics, they usin a clinic, I saw Lucifer's image
The elephant in the room are my skeletons in the closet

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep
Wake me up before I'm dead, don't bury me, with monsters in my head
Monsters in my head, with monsters in my head
And underneath the bed, underneath the bed

[Joell Ortiz]
I always see 'em out the corner of my eye
Scared to death to fully see 'em but I try, I just wanna ask 'em why
they follow me around and they reply when I hear a sound or they walk by
and give me a chill I can't explain, it feels so strange, is that a high?
My anxiety's at an all-time high
One second I'm good then I flip a switch and I'm thinkin I might die!
These dizzy spells are so annoyin
From the outside lookin in y'all think I'm enjoyin myself, I need help man I'm destroyin
every positive force, with all these negative thoughts
How can I find happiness when I can't remember it's lost?
I do so many temporary things to smile for just a minute
Hat low but not for style, I'm tryin to hide under my fitted
Dawg it's wild, you wouldn't get it!
Try my best to make e'rybody laugh, but that's just a disguise, I'm really timid
Somebody make these feelings go away, forget it, that's my problem
Y'all go 'head - I hate these monsters in my head


[Royce Da 5'9"]
Uhh, it's lights out like where the Amish stay
Pappy you can't tax me, I'm like Wesley Snipes in the sovereign states
I'm a survivin walkin oxymoron, obviously I can say
that I am alive and I'm tryin to die this way
Y'all on y'all faggot shit, I'm on my draggin my Magnum clip
with monsters in my head like Earvin Magic Dick
Niggaz (dessert) me like eatin after the entrée
But I'ma keep it 3000 like after the André
I've adapted to a private life, yeah right
Me sayin that is like sayin I'm shootin dice on a floor made out of dice
I made out alive this chaotic life
I just figured just quit givin dick to trick bitches and stay out of fights
But I'm on my high snortin
You see this (Monster Ball) is like seein Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton
It's F*CKIN classic! As far as rap
I wish I could wrap it in plastic and stick it up your f*ckin ass
Cause, I'm a MONSTER! [echoes]


[Joe Budden]
Take heed to what I'm givin you, the beefin is habitual
He just ridicules, wants me in critical, will appease and get rid of you
Maybe the only thing I seek is biblical
When the scars are internal when the bleedin is invisible
Got a friend named depression, a pill I take to relax him
but when he regurgitates it the aches you just couldn't fathom
Got a few talents, but lookin for a new challenge
I'll let you walk in my shoes once I find a (New Balance)
With faith I stand peaceful, I know e'ry man's equal
So I'm playin with the (Monstars) like a Space Jam sequel
Give 'em two choices, since they don't wanna do the least
They 'em they can get off my DICK, or renew the lease
Persevere though my bed is corrupt, expect I give up
when left to destruct, but I give less than a F*CK!
Sit back comfortably, react to what they want with me
The bright side is they keep an insomniac company


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