Slaughterhouse - Frat House Lyrics

Slaughterhouse Lyrics

Frat House Lyrics
[Intro x2: Eminem]
All the ugly people be quiet

I got a house full of bitches, niggas, it is going down
I'm a hold my own, yeah
Bitches laying on the floor like it's a crack house
Welcome to the frat house
Condoms, kegs, liquor, weed, pills
I'm a hold my own, yeah
Bitches laying on the floor like it's a crack house
Welcome to the frat house

[Verse 1: Royce Da 5'9"]
Your lady's on my dick, you'll probably be mad
If you find out I had her skipping biology class
You got comedy cash
I'm a quarter of the Slaughter, half of the dream team, the anomaly Bad
We here to riot the scene
Quiet your entire college up, tie up your dean
My Q-Dog's on that step shit
I'm 'bout to send a text to my next ex-bitch
Have you on pills, on 'shrooms
Have you feeling like oh-la-la-laa
Now it's sounding like Lauryn Hill's in your dorm room
Spit at me wrong, get hit with my new llama
It'll knock him out his shoes
Drop him on niggas then who dropping out of school
Slaughterhouse gang, streamers, confetti
The squeamish had better get ready, because


[Verse 2: Crooked I]
LBC, we them beach boys
We don't need your education, we Pink Floyd
I'm getting destroyed
I'm getting oral from a [?] sexy decoy; she on that E boy
She paying tuition with webcam's and PayPal
School in L.A. but she say she from 8 Mile
Her pussy hotter than a chili pepper
I tell her lay down and give it away give it away now
Later on, she'll be wearing my Letterman jacket
Reach in your pocket (Mollies) medicine packet
Let 'em attack it cause that's my regular tactic
'Cause that's what let'em get active, whoever said I'm romantic
Is wrong, hope you got a powerful chin
Cause they say blowjobs are flowers for men
I'm a need about a dozen, go get your guzzling cousins
And your trouser arouse us, we wilding again


[Verse 3: Joe Budden (w/ Joell Ortiz)]
See I'm an on-stage rock star
(Backstage porn star)
Gave my laptop (Then I threw her on the armoire)
Make it red storm when that Saint John in you
(Brain in the college in Philly, call that Temple
I like a really huge ass)
Bend over, take her to church now she in U-Mass
Scoop my Spelman broad for all out sex
Show her 12 bedrooms, still there's more house left
(Titty in my left hand
Drunk as a freshman on his tenth keg stand)
Got a sophomore, all jaw, give me drunk head
Roommate joined in, climbing down from the bunk bed
(Yeah) Matter of fact (No)
(Yo, I am so... throwed)
But still gave me a new demeanor
Chris Reeves graduated, I'm a super senior


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