Ski Beatz - Scaling The Building Lyrics

Ski Beatz Lyrics

Scaling The Building Lyrics
[Hook x2: Curren$y]
And my niggas, and my bitches
I'm on my shit right now, how is ya?
A nigga dressed like we finna take pictures
Scalin' the mothaf*ckin' buildin'
Yea, I got my mind on that take over
Scalin' the mothaf*ckin' buildin'
Yea, Because that money ain't gonna wait for us
Scalin' the mothaf*ckin' buildin'

[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]
And I'm loc'ing
Pretty bitch on the passenger side ridin' sun roof open
Shes supplying what I'm smokin'
Wanna f*ck with us, keep them tree crumbled up
Walk up in the club, make them lames one cuff
Champ on chill, E-Z widers, double stuffed
And believe that it ain't about the youngin' if don't involve his motherf*ckin' cheese
I ain't bring no ends to spin
Never kept a knot up in my pocket
Better clock a couple thousand 'fore I get up in the win
These niggas is losing in need of wins
Yo bitches is choosin' in need of friends
I'm livin' this movie so clean the lens
Runnin through loads of weed and gin cause niggas know what I'm bout
Flyin' out

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Curren$y]
Chicks who sound funny when they speak English
Still recognize the bomb when they hear it
She so ain't on them other niggas
Margarine bars, them shits ain't buttered nigga
Higher them a mug
Ain't nothing what up with us
Paper planes mane
We don't allow blunts in the cut
Tell the valet to pull up my truck
Exit stage right the last thing they seen was the tail lights
I'm gettin' toasted high
Gettin' my bread right
Rap, hustlin', stackin'
F*cking some of the baddest bitches and travelin'
Niggas used to think I was crazy
Now they see my new whip and be like dawg that shit crazy
Get off my shit leave the room for the flyest
The jets and this bitch leave the room with yo wife

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