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Prowler 2 Lyrics
[Verse 1: Jean Grae]
Back up in the booth and my V is for Vendetta f*ck the last rhyme to tell you the truth I got ten better, I bend letters over tell they look like N's and then offend so many men with them they look like fins, I'm a feminine rebel forever cleverer than yo' shit never be level with niggas shit my flow can flow bitch figure out the dose to adminice the vaccine sickness I invoke and clothes consider the black jean cause black rock it's blacksmith Miss Grae and I'm back bitch hulk smash yo' ass and motherf*cka' most passionate... fashionplate magestrate fascinating lady grab yo' vaseline and masterbate and masculate your manhood possibly damn good dismantle all your posse turn em pussy with tanhoods, don't push me I don't land good logger wilt to fly up off the handle like a panwood and swoosh hit Mrs.Woods.

[Verse 2: Jay Electronica]
Salt river's flowing out my eyeballs a parasite broke legs bearing my paws the old heads told me life wasn't a game but mine steady feeling like pinball, dodgeball, chasing freedom establish a kingdom and build a stone castle out of thin wall, dry wall, I'm a keep going till god call it a sky fall and he blast me on the grassy node and try to blame Oswald, average Joe blow masterin' my mojo, cinder block, karate chop, practicing the throw joe, ugh if a so-so I'll probaly be a no-show shootin' the willy bobo out on holmstrom with the poor folks, ugh black dragon rap flames out the nostrils, from crown fried to Roscoe's I'm spreading the gospel, I overcame like the Saints done the Falcons like Hoover did to Malcolm.

[Verse 3: Joell Ortiz]
Y'all know what the f*ck I do bubblegum busters so easy to f*ckin' chew lyrics, I blow bubbles to, I'm the original it's easy to make another you finding my telekeys the only way you get a W, niggas ain't grizzlies ya'll all soft and huggable, I came up in the gutta you came up like all the Huxtables, you don't want me to black belt to death you karate chop yo' pops, Lukane kick ya nephew... to hell is where I sent him ya'll just learned the art I been tighter than your denims, I'll Riyu a pin em', I'm classic with the pen give me five minutes I'll show you I'm deadly with the venom poison with the dart see your boy being apart my boy be in the park yeah annoying all the Narcs we two different types see you spit what you write, what I spit is the truth and truth comes to the light.

[Verse 4: Mos Def]
Bang Bang see if I can roll with smokeshow, mofo shin shae, flow cold pledge trae get right head shy face bang next crane fresh constructionline ski percussion blank I walk by boogieman bought out my cousins again sisters and brothers and them fay day sinner ass uncles and aunties of them ain't no f*ckin' with them ain't that something within never close cellar flows ice cold never froze me and the exceptionals to high to get over on a bulge bar tipping toes gamepoint pick and roll give and go the ordinary miracle freedom fighters fair a show equali a aero's sun spot mountain top freshwater fountain shop open eyed dream fresh green courts counter top that ese that dir' water kings county rock black king powerhouse can't shut the power off tell em quil wildin' out show ya what I'm bouty bout tune in to the the that's how you turn the party out she get fresh yes to help her stretch her body out get live at her again Black Dante will lay your body out, cash and carry then I'm outty out.
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