Ski Beatz - Moonwalking Lyrics

Ski Beatz Lyrics

Moonwalking Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
All satellite systems in orbit
Static distorted off them space cakes
Kush by the quarter, sip Fiji water in my space ship
Look down on niggas, tell em you ain't shit
Can't get caught in the major, f*ck what you think bitch
Roger that
Feel the buzz [?] that you get off of that
Loud pack
Roll it up, okay that's what we calling that
Silent Jack
Houston ain't no problem I demolish that
Rope me up another one I need something to follow that
Apollo that
Lunar excursion modules and all of that
Chevy black
NASA engineering column steering rack
Solar map
GPS coordinates for my long. and lat
454 engine and the Cali just as strong as that
Sugar shawty, STS 133 to mind control
Zooted, booted kush included
Houston are we clear to roll?
As I commandeer the globe
Lord bless my God fearing soul
Spit these bars and spliff these jaws
And travel far to parts unknown

So astronomical this event, it happens once a lifetime
Ooh lucky me my planet, moon and stars have all aligned
It's STS and Ski Beatz bitch you out your f*cking mind
One small step from man, one giant leap from mankind

[Verse 2:]
As I kick back, blow the bubble
Watch the world from my Hubble
Space invaders
Crashing craters get lost in the rubble
Major lasers, these ain't tasers
You more than in trouble
Smoke flavored paper
Bump Ohio players up in my shuttle
I'm a player truly
Smoking fruity with Jane and Judy
Jazz and passing doobie
Gassin' floosies and smashin' cuties
A new pair of [?]
Space Jam Jordans and space blue Guccis
I'm bout 80 miles out the atmosphere
You bitches still want sock it to me
Solo twisitin'
Only the finest in my solar system
Know the mission
G.O.L.D. is the gang I claim and there's no division
No precision
Move throughout galaxies without no collisions
Rockin' engines with keyless remote start ignitions
I'm star shiftin'
Enterprise and Exec decisions
This Trek you live in
Captain Kirk respect is a given
My J is hittin'
Higher than niggas say they gettin'
This shit I'm smokin' on I know it ain't no way to get it

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