Ski Beatz - Larry Bird Lyrics

Ski Beatz Lyrics

Larry Bird Lyrics
[Verse: Stalley]
Before you Magics and Jordans did it
And all you wannabe crowned kings
I flash medals and rings, As the pendulum swings
I shake the world with the energy I bring
Cold blooded I love it, that's why I kill for it
So true and hardcore, That's why they kill for him
These weak niggas made the game real boring
So I'm back who gone stop the scorin'
Raisin rafters to stomp the floors in
This a grown mans game, Time to tuck the boys in
These guitars got me feeling like I'm rapping to Poison
The Roc boys don't pop noise if you don't come to play
I'm never off, this my zone everyday
Deep shootin' the block postin' the spots open
I'm hot headed, and my heads roasting
No holding me back, in the air where I'm supposed to be at
None higher, ride Chevys with Dayton wires
With tons of boom in the back
Black Larry Bird, run and tell them the [?] is back
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