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Heaven Is Lyrics
[Intro: C Plus]
Right, Right
I don't do it cause I gotta

[Verse 1: C Plus]
Yeah... Uh
Old Jordans and fresh songs
Airy horns and breezy keys' what I'm best on
If not a King or a Queen then be the best pawn
I'm sick of these ducks
F*ck, On to the next pond
They just circle around looking for bread
I hear certain chicks went in town looking for head
If no weed's around I down liquor instead
Thinking that my vices really got a vice grip
Slip, nah, I never let it fall
If life is a gamble, you'll probably bet it all
I ain't gon' bet it all
A better bet, better yet will be the bet you fall, Sooner than tomorrow
Ha, they say we're living for the right now
I high kick with the flow and never write down
High top kicks, out of Nike town
So illy, blow Phillies like Nicetown
Yeah, that's what Heaven Is
Yeah, yeah that's what Heaven Is
Grind hard just to get my Mom a better crib
And Lord knows she deserve it, so that's what she'll get
Yeah, that's what Heaven Is
Yeah, that's what Heaven Is
A Ski beat and a flow so effortless
Provided by yours truly let me do me

[Verse 2: C Plus]
Uh, I'm back at it but what's new?
Blunt size of your middle finger so f*ck you
One, Two, I might put a 3 on it
Ridin' in that A.M. you can bet a G on it
On these long nights and hard days
Porno star with the bar cause going hard pays
I'd rather parlay, and roll raw pay
You follow Based God
My shit is God based
Tryna eat right in street life
Like I got one ride shotgun through street lights
Homie, I've been there and done that
I'd rather catch Zs to drum taps than gun claps
Stupid songs and dumb tracks
Dropped my first album
All ready coming back
Roll another blunt and that up out the hundred sack
Feeling like a running back who ran through one hundred sacks
Yeah, that's what Heaven Is
Yeah yeah, that's what Heaven Is
I'm from the last era of that 'Get it how you live'
So I'm tryna show the young Nigs that it's bigger biz
Yeah, that's what Heaven Is
On the real, that's what Heaven Is
You can't talk about places that you've never been
So I'm tryna see it all before the world ends
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