Ski Beatz - Gentlemen's Quarterly Lyrics

Ski Beatz Lyrics

Gentlemen's Quarterly Lyrics
Magnificent, so absolutely
100% gentlemen's quarterly
Never in back, I'm always where the torch be
Taste maker for the taste makers
I gave them style to give you style, you should feel gracious
To even be in the presence of someone with such greatness
Don't really mean to Kanye you
Just seems they run behind everything I do

[Verse 1:]
Montblanc quarter inch from my heart
Oxford Chambray linen scarf
Look a million, feel the same
And always play my part, I know the game
Stay sharp, throw darts, and keep my shoes clean
Cause they trampling to get a place
But I'm so far away, it's like I invented space
The lake's distance is between where home and street is placed
I separate self from the village folk
Keep my money sealed in envelopes away from secret societies and Interscopes
Been a rich man and been a broke
That's why I still pistol tote
And ride Chevys with a hundred spokes
A revolutionary that loves the dough
America's nightmare, in a wicket chair on 500 acres
Cups spilling Makers, yea I'm fine here
Never lie in tear, don't [?]


[Verse 2:]
My objective is to be the best
The climb's been short, I think my stairway is missing steps
Punching through all targets, I'm even landing lefts
Feeling like Mayweather with fair weather, friends, and baby mothers
Makes you wanna crawl inside and close the shutters
I just wanna be around peace and lovers
Guess that's the old hippy that hit me
Trying to help me reach my psychedelic brothers
This reef be zoning me out
It's like I'm walking with nothing underneath me
From the teepee to where the leaves be swirling around
I'm trying to keep my head high in the clouds
Stay there, I ain't trying to be found
Since 5, told my granny I'm trying to be crowned
And jeweled up like the d-boys that push the Crown
Victorias, I been around book worms and pimps with cook perms
Laying game down for all of us

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