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Ski Beatz Lyrics

Frontin' Lyrics
Yo yo bout' Frontin'
I'm a hustler, petler, pusha, salt-n-pepper
I don't know how to tell her
But she looks better
Yes-sir. I'm leaving
Treason; guilty
But handedly filthy
Explicit, get it
Police pay a visit, like never
Sketchers, all of them around us
Cooked like a Flounder
Read them of the break
No look, pass, place it don't fake, buckets!


Flush it
Evidence is gone
Eating my custard like what's wrong
Accustom two women
Bending that corner like we're on er'
Next week I'm hanging with Renona, fighter
Get my driving shoes out the dryer, they don't belong, like you on a flyer
Finished up my custard, like what's wrong
If you a superstar they can't deny ya
Prove them Bammas wrong, if not they just gon' call you a lier


She told me that she miss me
Really? could it be that I was up on t.v.?
Miss me!
Herb like two dunkin, never
Forever I be pumping like cocaine propelled planes in bad weather
Gettin' it. me and luie, high top, kickin' it
Me and London Micheal rightside, drive, whipin" it
Yeah I know were sickening, barf!
Creating this type of living is an art

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