Sir Mix-A-Lot Lyrics

Sir Mix-A-Lot Lyrics

From the Album Chief Boot Knocka (1996) (buy at

Let it Beaounce
Sleepin Wit My Fonk

From the Album Return Of The Bumpasaurus (1994) (buy at

Bark Like U Want It
You Can Have Her

From the Album Mack Daddy (1992) (buy at

A Rapper's Reputation
Baby Got Back
I'm Your New God
Mack Daddy
One Time's Got No Case
Sprung On The Cat
Swap Meet Louie
The Jack Back

From the Album Seminar (1989) (buy at

I Got Game
My Hooptie
National Anthem

From the Album Swass (1988) (buy at

Buttermilk Biscuits
My Posse's on Broadway

Other Songs:
Baby Got Back (Bass Remix)
Buttermilk Bisquits
I Check My Bank
I Like Big Butts
I Like Bug Butts (Baby Got Back)
Jump On It
Monster Mack
Posse On Broadway

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