Shadowside - Shadowside Lyrics

Shadowside Lyrics

Shadowside Lyrics

When the night begins it's fall
And the darkness fills the Earth
You should see the scene of the dawn
See the life burn in the ground

Now it's up to you to decide
Choose your way - to live or to die
The Killer is walking at your side
Fool - don't lose your mind

The Nightmare just began
Shadows, mirrors are all around
Souls rising from their graves
Waiting for justice and peace

Now it's up to you decide
Run - enter shadowside
Where the souls remain in calm
Without light - without light
Without light
In the cold

Choose, choose - choose, choose
Lightside or shadowside
Choose, choose - choose choose
Two paths to be walked
choose, choose - choose, choose
Find the freedom of the death
Choose, choose - choose, choose
Rest in peace or feel the pain

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