Shadow Of The Colossus - The Prophecy Lyrics

Shadow Of The Colossus Lyrics

The Prophecy Lyrics

Taken by warriors and led to sacred land.
Entrenched within the deepest of waters.
Locked inside a sarcophagi, awaiting the end of life.
Tremors rock the keep releasing Ico from his tomb.
No more a prisoner of doom.
He combs every corridor for life. Hunted by his shadows, the ethereal portals
call him speaking inside his head.
The endless stair to freedom, decimated in a single second.
He is banished to the lower chamber.
Walls lined with suspended corpses. Rats feast on the engorged dead.
Through hell and back he trekked.
Demonic possession illustrated. Burr.
The altar prepared for sacrifice, flesh must be given to appease the prophecy.
Ico mutilates the infernal Matriarch, reincarnated free of demonic chains.
Walls quake plummeting to dust around him, the only endurance is within the
Every Fiber Consumed by fear, his pulse stands still.

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